ATS Online Training

ATS A leading online training company in Oman. In HSE

Online Training

1- Through the Zoom program
2- Course Booking
     To book online click here
      Or you can send an email to
      Or communicate via WhatsApp, click here
3- To download the nomination, click here
  – And must be attached to the online Booking or e-mail nomination and a photo and ID card
  – Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email
  – It contains a link to click on it to join the course

Technical Support

First, you must download the program 
To download the program for computers, click here
To download the application for Android, click here
To download the application for iPhone, click here
When you receive the link and click, the program will open and join you to class
you will wait a little while then Instructor agree to join you
You must make sure that the video is working and the sound is working when you join the class

AHA Heartsaver Online Course Process

1.       ATS will send you (the delegate) a link and access code within 3 days after the course has been confirmed.

2.       You will need to have access to a computer with good internet connectivity.

3.       There is no time limit for you to complete the course but it is suggested that you have a target date to complete the online theory section.

4.        Once you have completed the online theory section, the system will automatically generate a successful completion certificate.

5.       You must send the certificate to us for verification with AHA.


6.       After AHA has validated your certificate, ATS will schedule a convenient date for your hands on skills test.