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Chairman's message

Arabian Training & Safety Co.LLC is a part of Manadher Group (MSTG) dedicated to excellence in Training and Education. Our principal market is the Sulatante of Oman. ATS is poised to become market leader in the field of training for employent solutions, besided imparting the vital training in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

ATS' best team in the field approach to training and development is designed to ensure that its trainees become the preferred choice of employers across the widest range of Industrial and Service sectors. Training is focused on preparing its trainees to work in today's model, diversified economies in Oman and abroad.

We are commited to continuous improvement in our training standards and practices. Therefore, we design and deliver the best quality training to meet the changing & growing needs of the employers. In order to build further on this success and to demostrate our continuing commitment to customer satisfaction, we are putting in place quality management system. ATS has instructors who have extensive experience of project management across a range of training areas. We are able to react to any training requirement with speed and efficiency due to our experience & the high standard of our staff and quality pool of our our resources.

Training programmes and course notes can be prepared within a very short time and new training areas can be completely developed within a matter of weeks.